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Brand New Night at the Pushkin Gallery ft. DJ Venom And Dread

Sat, Dec 31 - 6pm

Presented by Hawks & Reed


The Pushkin Gallery

21+ Only

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Brand New Night at the Pushkin Gallery ft. DJ Venom And Dread
Start off the new year with a bang. Join Hawks & Reed for the biggest electronic dance party in Western Massachusetts!
DJ Venom
Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their sets as Venom. Coming at you
with headbanging sounds and sick scratching skills, this rave veteran fills the dance floors with
stomping feet and hardcore beats. Venom first gained notoriety in the early 90s, releasing
countless mix tapes and showing off his award winning turntable skills at events all over the
country. He won the New England DJ Spin-Off in 1997 and placed 2nd two years in a row at the
WMC DJ Battles. In 2000, he signed with the legendary Chicago hard house label Underground
Construction and released a number of top selling CDs such as the House Blend, Straight
Bangin’ and Raise the Volume series. Venom’s full length album Civil Unrest is due out in 2019 as well as slew of singles and remixes slated for release on a variety of labels including his own
Morlock Musik. So get ready for the mayhem. Get ready for the chaos. Get ready for DJ Venom!
DJ Dread
Of an eastern European descent, Victor fled Ex-Communist Romania as a child with his native
mother and father. The first traces of his musical inclinations came early in his childhood; his
father being an audio engineer allowed Victor to interact with equipment as well as open to a
wide range of music. His first experience with electronic music came in early 1986 while
attending Cafe, a small club in Greenwich CT, where Moby was the resident DJ. After watching
and listening to Moby blend a wide range of music from early house beats to the Nu
Wave/Industrial movement at the time, Moby’s ability to move and control the crowds became
a major inspirational factor in Victor’s career. His first residency and also the first time he had a
live audience came at – Nightbreed – a new night which catered strictly to
NuWave/Goth/Industrial sounds. The night was a big success and catapulted him to new
heights after which a whole array of guest spots to such legendary clubs as : Palladium, The
Bank, Ivy, Red Zone, Mirabelle, Dragon’s Lair, Citi Limits… came about. A few years passed by
during which he built a great name for himself and developed quite a following. Early influences
from Belgium, Holland, and Germany steered Victor to grasp and experiment with a variety of
sounds. Around 1992 he started to experiment with more than just the industrial movement
and reached into Gabber, Tribal House, Hard Trance, and Acid Trance. He gravitated towards
Trance which became his signature sound. Understanding the shift in music and with the new
underground parties happening, he decided to change with the times and pursue these new
electronic sounds.
DJ Sonic Bee
Emerging from the New England rave scene in the early 90’s, exposure to the underground
sounds gave rise to Sonic Bee. Developing his own style, Sonic fine-tuned a unique combination
of funky, hard breakbeats and a non-stop mixing style. Added to NYC’s, Kingsize-USA
Entertainment roster, Sonic Bee earned supporting and eventually headlining gigs alongside
some of the best at parties all over New England, up & down the east coast and many other
stops around the states. From party to party, residencies at the old BOUNCE monthlies in NY &
the infamous Wednesday nights at Function in New Haven, CT, funky house sets at Drinkland
NYC, even closing the show at A Tribe Called Quest’s farewell tour at The Palladium, Sonic Bee
has proven his ability to rock the decks & the peoples. Never overzealous, a quiet professional
who lets his music & skills speak for themselves, Sonic Bee will continue to make noise & moves
( JUiCED / Parasomnia / Laebel Music / Dissident Music) CT
Previously performing under the aliases Dementia909 / Sardonix / Snob / And The Sky Bled, DOOMBOXX has shifted direction in terms
of musical styles, going back to his roots of darker underground dance music, pulling influences
from EBM, Industrial, Acid , Techno, Dark Indie Dance and Synthwave.
DOOMBOXX has produced tracks,shared the stage and worked with many Legendary producers
and DJ’s since 1995. From Industrial/EBM icons such as Leatherstrip,Diverje,Komor Kommando
to techno heavyweights such as Joey Beltram,Delirium,Dustin Zahn and Mark Verbos and many
more. On NYE Will it be Acid,Techno,Tech House, Funky House or Good old Dark Warehouse Techno?
We’ll see what happens.
Derek Zombie
Derek Zombie started DJ’ing in the Baltimore/DC scene around 2000. He was influenced by the
Baltimore and Chicago sounds of that time, as well as the epic parties Buzz, Fever and Whistle,
inspired by the likes of Charles Feelgood, DJ Dan, Scott Henry, Green Velvet, Donald Glaude and
more. Now based in the MA/CT area,
Derek Zombie likes to explore the intersection of house and techno, going from stripped down
club sounds to the outer reaches of acid infused 303 beats. Join him as he takes you on a
journey across genres to a place where only the vibrations exist.
DJ Rorzor
Producing and mixing since the early 2000’s, DJ Rorzor has recently brought his passion for
music to Western MA. After starting Space Dog Productions back in May, Rorzor has breathed
fresh life into the Western MA underground dance music scene with his monthly dance events.
Partnering with Hawks and Reed, Space Dog Productions has brought in amazing talent from all
over New England to one of the best venues in the area.
DJ Rorzor is no slouch behind the decks either. His style has been described as a blend of crowd
friendly remixes and high energy house that never loses its old school roots. As well as to put
more succinctly, “baby making music.” Always a fan first, his love of music radiates through
every live performance.


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